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| Stand out with a unique visual identity and graphic materials

Visuel Graphisme - By Lome

We create your visual identity

It is imperative for every company to have its own visual identity.

We take care of all your graphic creations, from the design of your logo to the creation of striking advertising visuals


We take care of your visual communication

Successful visual communication starts with a unique identity. It is complemented by appropriate and effective communication materials.
Visual identity

We work with you to develop your brand personality. We create visuals specific to your company in order to make you stand out. We design your logos, business cards and make them adaptable for any medium!

Communication support

We produce all your visual information and advertising material for you. We select the important information, format it and create striking visuals.

Digital illustration

Pure creation! We design from A to Z all types of specific visuals for your websites, social networks, newsletters & other digital projects to be in perfect harmony with your identity.


Graphic support? Like what?

Every communication project requires an adaptable graphic support.
Business cards

Customised 100% business cards to make you stand out. 

Information brochure

Communicate your offers through customised brochures.

Advertising visuals

Maximise the impact of your advertisements with eye-catching visuals.


A logo must be unique. At Agence By Lomé we know this, and we apply it.

Vehicle flocking

We gather the relevant information and create a precise visual for the flocking of your vehicles.

QR Code

QR codes have become very fashionable and can be very useful in a graphic medium.


Do you want to create a book of achievements? A presentation of your services? We'll take care of it!