Which social networks to choose for your business?

Réseaux sociaux à choisir pour son activité
Which social networks to choose for your business
75.9 % of the French population is active on at least one social network (Source: the moderator's blogFebruary 2021). For the 49.6 million people concerned, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are now part of their daily lives. Every day, they spend an average of 1.36 hours on these platforms.

For companies, it is impossible to ignore the communication manna that this represents. In the 21st century, the question of whether or not to be present on social networks no longer arises. On the other hand, choosing your media must be done with care.

Logo Facebook

Facebook: the Eldorado for consumer brands

With 38 million active users, Facebook remains the most used social network in France. Because of the diversity of formats it supports, the platform arouses emotion with a rare intensity.

For 77 % of B2C marketers, Facebook has proven to be a powerful customer acquisition channel (Source: ludosln.net).

Artists, personal services, training, ... Facebook is one of the few social networks for service professions which also works with tangible products. Why do you think fashion designers and food companies are invading the blue social network?

If your business offers its services to the masses, you should definitely be on Facebook.

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Instagram: a marketplace of choice for merchants

Instagram draws its strength from the power of images. A visual network par excellence, it is through enticing photographs that it forges links between a creator and his community.

It is therefore only logical that Instagram is one of the best social networks for traders. In France alone, 20 million people enjoy scrolling through news feeds. With 51 % of the accounts belonging to men, the platform can boast a relative gender parity (Source: ludosln).

Do you run a local business? Florists, restaurateurs, stylists, ... Instagram is one of the social networks for service professions which gives the best results. For example, Instagram has 58 times the engagement rate of Facebook and 120 times that of Twitter.

Logo instagram
Logo Linkedin

LinkedIn: the hub for B2B companies

21 % of users on social networks have a LinkedIn account. At first glance, this figure might make you doubt the power of the platform. And yet...

Among the social networks for traders No other B2B service can match LinkedIn's numbers. Used by 91 % of B2B marketers, the professional hub has already helped 65 % of its users make sales.

Eldorado of intangible products, LinkedIn has very quickly established itself as one of the best social networks for service professions. On its pages, trainers, public speaking coaches and other service providers proudly display their know-how.

To communicate with other companies or to address a select group of people, it is difficult to do better than LinkedIn.


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